Chris Beckford

Musician. Band Participant. Lyricist.

In the beginning, there was Chris. Well, in our book he was, but that’s a story for another day. Soon you will understand exactly why he is so important to The Flow Frees., but for now we’d like you to understand how much of a talented individual Chris Beckford really is. To be one hundred percent honest, Chris is the living, breathing, talking representation of what it means to truly flow freely.

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Daniel Alfonzo

Illustrator. Dj. Designer.

What do you know about music? Nothing compared to Dj mixer extraordinaire Daniel Alfonzo. Daniel is a man of many talents. Some people look at many talents as a distraction from being able to perfect a single talent, but Daniel is the exact response to this sort of argument. He’s driven by his passion and it just so happens that he has many passions: illustration, music, and design. Here at The Flow Frees, we don’t know too many people capable of doing multiple things well, but Daniel shows us how to do it with each journey he embarks on within his passions of illustration, music, and design.

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Denard Riley

Music. Art.

Who exactly is Denard Riley? Well, that’s what we are here to explain. Maybe Dernard Riley is a man who was sent from the moon to bless this planet with a new sound to be implemented into our hip hop community or maybe he’s just some guy with 2 R’s on his shirt. Our opinion is not the later statement. Well, kind of. He didn’t exactly fall from the moon, but he might as well have with how much Wiz Khalifa and himself would get along if they were ever introduced.

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Damian Mark

Illustrator. Lyricist. Designer.

Damian Mark, a student of the New York City College of Technology, is a man of incredible imagination and focus. For quite some time, he has been working on his passion: music and illustration. Not only has he been improving on his own talents, but he has also been working to improve other illustrators and musicians like him through his online networks Damianism and The Cool Elephant. He is a physical manifestation of a brand in the making. To top it all off and add to the glory of his achievements, he is also quite the humble fellow regardless of any kinds of negativity he may be around.

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