The Flow Frees is an expansion of the idea of freedom. To be free is to be exempt from external control. To flow is the ability to release. Together those words create the true meaning of artistry: The freedom to release what is within. Everyone has a talent tapped or untapped, but only a few are able to really capitalize on the creativity within them. The Flow Frees focuses on making sure we show this kind of creative flow to the world.

The Flow Frees is one of the few places on the web that you can find a free flow of creativity. Artists from any and all genres including, but not limited to dance, r & b, hip hop, jazz, illustration, graffiti and more are featured here on The Flow Frees. This is the creative network that stores it all. We focus on letting the public know who's doing what in the realm of creatives from main stream to the underground. So you may indeed notice some people, but others you may not. Our goal is to create an international presence of creativity. Through use of video interviews we hope to let you, the viewers, dive deep into the minds of creatives around the world.

The Flow Frees was created as a means of creating a community for creatives in all industries. No one knows what everyone is doing where, but we hope to make that search a little easier for you. We are focused on exposing fresh new artists to the world in order to give you, the viewers, something to be inspired by.