Denard Riley

Music. Art.

Who exactly is Denard Riley? Well, that's what we are here to explain.

Maybe Dernard Riley is a man who was sent from the moon to bless this planet with a new sound to be implemented into our hip hop community or maybe he’s just some guy with 2 R’s on his shirt. Our opinion is not the later statement. Well, kind of. He didn’t exactly fall from the moon, but he might as well have with how much Wiz Khalifa and himself would get along if they were ever introduced.

Basically, Denard Riley is a hip hop artist with a new sound. No, we’re not talking about Golf Wang Kill’em all ‘till there’s no one left. We’re talking the kind of sound that enters your ear and forces the rest of your body to bop along with the beat. With classic controversial metaphors like "I'm so high I could god a high-five," there's no way you can't find Mr. Riley as someone with creative talent and potential. We've been blessed with the opportunity to see him perform at open mic show cases held by Poison Ivy Management and, surprisingly enough, his stage presence is just as riveting. His focus is to simply be himself. Consequently, he is a different individual separate by that understanding. It is because of this that he is building a strong arm army of followers throughout the underground and more.

Although Denard Riley's music is quantified as hip hop, he dives into all kinds of musical genres such as techno and more while collaborating with a multitude of other artists. So watch out for him; we are. Blowing up is a definite sight to see and we expect that and more from him.

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