Damian Mark

Illustrator. Lyricist. Designer.

Damian Mark, a student of the New York City College of Technology, is a man of incredible imagination and focus. For quite some time, he has been working on his passion: music and illustration. Not only has he been improving on his own talents, but he has also been working to improve other illustrators and musicians like him through his online networks Damianism and The Cool Elephant. He is a physical manifestation of a brand in the making. To top it all off and add to the glory of his achievements, he is also quite the humble fellow regardless of any kinds of negativity he may be around. During his interview with us, one statement stood out as a summary of forward movement amongst any road blocks ahead of him.

“I want to be a living testament to all the kids out there who got picked on in high school. I’ve been picked on, know what I’m saying, for liking what I like and being me: a nerd. It’s okay though. I wanna be a message to everybody. I want at the end of the day to be like ‘Damian Mark? That kid is EPIC.’ That’s why I do what I do.”

New York, as it is, is a place of dreams and is consequently a community full of hustlers and go-getters, but it’s not too often you find a go-getter as positive, open minded and friendly as Damian Mark. In his eyes, nothing & no one can hold him back, and it’s the reason why he surrounds himself with people that only move him forward. It’s the main reason we decided we had to feature him here on this site. Real recognizes real and you, my friend, are definitely one of the realist.

For more info on Damian Mark and his creative impact on the world, check out his personal blog space located at http://www.damianism.tumblr.com