Chris Beckford

Musician. Band Participant. Lyricist.

In the beginning, there was Chris. Well, in our book he was, but that’s a story for another day. Soon you will understand exactly why he is so important to The Flow Frees., but for now we’d like you to understand how much of a talented individual Chris Beckford really is.

To be one hundred percent honest, Chris is the living, breathing, talking representation of what it means to truly flow freely. The main idea behind the concept of The Flow Frees is the absolute freedom to let your creativity flow outside of you, drive you, and shape you into the person you are. So if you happen to be reading this before you watch the video, stop reading. You’re missing out on the action.

For the longest, Chris Beckford has been the kind of creative individual that can spew out lyrics (both unwritten & written) at the drop of a dime. We’re not talking the lame “Yeah, I’m a (insert cocky adjective) but you’re a (insert rude adjective) (end with curse word).” His rhymes make sense and they tend to come harder as time progresses.

For all you viewers out there looking for real hip hop, Chris Beckford may very well be the person you are looking for. So check out the above video, see his personality & perspective, and stay stunned to The Flow Frees because we have plenty more work to do with him.

In the mean time, check out his youtube channel at