Daniel Alfonzo

Illustrator. Dj. Designer.

What do you know about music? Nothing compared to Dj mixer extraordinaire Daniel Alfonzo.

Daniel is a man of many talents. Some people look at many talents as a distraction from being able to perfect a single talent, but Daniel is the exact response to this sort of argument. He’s driven by his passion and it just so happens that he has many passions: illustration, music, and design.

Here at The Flow Frees, we don’t know too many people capable of doing multiple things well, but Daniel shows us how to do it with each journey he embarks on within his passions of illustration, music, and design. He can not only draw with a superb style, but if you pay close attention you may notice that he somewhat designs his illustrations as well. Furthermore, if you ever check out his music you’ll see that he also brings an aspect of design to it by designing all of his promotions himself. To bring it up yet another notch, he brings elements of music and illustration to his graphic design work as well. In other words, if Daniel’s passionate about something, you can see it in all aspects of his work. He’s a multi-tasking, multi-faceted creative individual that seamlessly weaves his passions together. It’s a talent that most people take years to master, yet Daniel has been doing it for quite some time now.

Daniel Alfonzo definitely holds it down in an effort to represent for his college, the New York City College of Technology. He’s a happy go lucky, energetic, loving individual that we should all get to know.

Feel free to vibe out to some of his DJ mixes and awesome designs over at http://feelgoodmusique.co.uk/